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Dr George Dellas (registered Chinese Medicine practitioner)


Visakha Lee (Sukhalaya)


Health Care Practitioners at In Focus healing and wellness clinic

Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine); Naturopath; Certified FlameTree Healer and Instructor

George, the founder of In Focus healing and wellness clinic, is a person with a wealth of experience, which grew from an innate desire to find something that was safe, efficient, effective and easy to apply in clinical practice to assist people to achieve and maintain their health goals.

During George’s search, which started in 1985, he completed studies in over 20 different specialities which included:

  • Master App. Sci. Acupuncture (RMIT University)
  • Bach. App. Sci. Chinese Medicine with distinction (RMIT University)
  • Bach. App. Sci. Health Promotion (Deakin University)
  • Bach. Health Sci. Naturopathy (Southern School of Natural Medicine)
  • Diploma Remedial Massage (Copeland College of Massage Therapy)
  • Post. Grad. Cert. Phytotherapy (Southern Cross Herbal School)
  • Cert. Abdominal Acupuncture (Nanjing Medical University)
  • Cert. IV Assessment & Work Place Training (AIET)
  • Cert. Remedial Massage (SSNT)
  • Cert. Oriental Massage (MSTT)
  • Cert. Relaxation Massage (MSTT)
  • Cert. Traditional Chinese Massage (ANU)
  • Cert. Reiki – Basic Course – Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Cert. Reiki – Advanced Course – Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Cert. Functional Facial Taping – Level 1
  • Cert. Functional Facial Taping – Level 2
  • Cert. Bio Energetic Imprinting – Guardian / Remedy Maker
  • Cert. Touch for Health – Stage 1 (Kinesiology)
  • Cert. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Fundamentals Course
  • Cert. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Advanced Course
  • Cert. Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture Level 1
  • Cert. Allergy Antidotes & New Generation Techniques
  • Cert. Swiss Ball Training
  • Cert. MediBall Professional Certification Course
  • Cert. Day Spa Treatments & Procedures
  • Certified FlameTree healer
  • Certified FlameTree instructor
  • Certified UEFT technician

In addition to his studies and operating his successful private practice since 1986, George also has over 30 years of experience training students in oriental massage, cupping, Gua Sha, and Chinese diet therapy. George was the senior coordinator of Oriental massage for the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy as well as holding positions in other educational settings, which included being an external examiner at the Southern School of Natural Therapies for their Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (Final Exams), and has been a trainer for the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine in clinical nutrition where he also developed and implemented their Community Education and Public Health training manual. George was also invited to present the application of Gua Sha to members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapies.

George also has experience in clinical research, having completed a pilot study on the role of acupuncture in Irritable Bowel Syndrome as part of his Masters degree at RMIT University. George was also invited by the now Executive Dean, School of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University, Distinguished Professor Charlie C. Xue to proof read his first PhD thesis on the role of Chinese medicine for Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis.

George was awarded a scholarship by RMIT University for obtaining the best academic results in the Degree of Chinese Medicine. He also achieved the highest overall mark for his clinical internship year in Nanjing, for the same degree. His outstanding academic achievements and extensive training experience inspired the head of the Chinese medicine unit at RMIT to offer George a coordinating / lecturing role in 2005 for the subject Chinese Diet Therapy and in 2010 was recognised by RMIT University for both his teaching excellence and his outstanding contribution to the Chinese medicine profession.

George’s comprehensive skill set also includes evaluation and consulting, having evaluated specific health issues for Myer-Grace Bros Melbourne, the Arthritis Foundation of Victoria and the Australian Greek Welfare Society. These opportunities were associated with George’s health promotion background where he was involved with project management, evaluation, presenting the outcomes and making recommendations.

George has also participated in voluntary work, having been a public representative on the Steering Committee for the City of Caulfield’s Municipal Public Health Plan and discussed health issues from a complementary medicine perspective on Southern FM Community Radio.

We can safely say that since 1985 George dedicated himself to exploring as well as training practitioners in various ‘healing systems’ to find something that was safe, efficient, effective and easy to apply! However, it was not until December 2009 that George discovered an integrative, wholistic system that fulfilled what he was innately searching for. This system is FlameTree: the personal development & healing system.

FlameTree is the signature ROA (Rhett Ogston Applications) created by a multiple Australian of the year nominee, scientist and retired health care practitioner of Chinese medicine, Rhett Ogston. George immediately understood the revolutionary nature of FlameTree and in January 2010 became the first certified FlameTree healer in the world, and in 2011, the first certified FlameTree instructor.

Why did George decide to embrace a system that was developed by an Australian that very few people outside of Rhett’s own clinics would have ever heard of before? Wasn’t George taking a risk, putting his reputation on the line and leaving his prestigious role at RMIT University? Yes, it was a risk! However, George innately knew that this was the system he had been searching for!

George had finally found a system that was safe, efficient, effective and easy to apply, but also integrated everything that he had learnt over the past three decades, and added much more to his skills! George’s knowledge base exponentially increased after learning FlameTree as did the changes experienced by his clients who received FlameTree. For the first time in George’s career, people started requesting healings rather than treatments from him! Since incorporating FlameTree into his clinical practice, it has become George’s foundational system and his client base continues to grow for FlameTree healing through word-of-mouth referrals.

FlameTree is based on the hypothesis that creating a healthy environment around an individual in the form of a healthy bio-field creates a healthy individual! FlameTree achieves this by identifying priority unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues. FlameTree theory asserts that unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues result in an unhealthy bio-field, thereby creating dis-harmony and dis-ease. Once the priority unhealthy signals and cues have been identified for that session, FlameTree then indicates the priority approaches needed to interrupt these unhealthy signals and cues so that healthy bio-electric signals and cues are created in their place, thereby allowing for a healthy bio-field to be reestablished. In so doing, our healthier bio-field supports the processes needed to reclaim and achieve a healthier version of us so that we can be our best.

Building on and maintaining a healthier version of ourselves requires our ongoing input. In your consultations with George, he brings awareness to empowering choices and the prerequisites our body and mind need to build resilience and ease within. This realigns your current state of dis-ease and dis-harmony towards a state of ease and harmony, which then creates your opportunity to the possibility of freely experiencing the boundless joy of life.

George advocates at least five sessions to assist you in starting a process of becoming aware that enables you to make choices that orientate your actions towards the direction to ‘be your best’. Based on neuroplasticity research, your input of repeating and directing attention to the healthier version of yourself as the desired outcome allows ‘being your best’ the opportunity to become your dominating neural pathway.

Given that every person has different issues with their health and living, George’s 3-step process is usually the starting point. Read more about the 3-step process. For further information or if you are ready to make an initial appointment, please call 9525 3569 or email 

George Dellas is Registered with AHPRA (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine), is a fellow of ANTA and full members of AACMA, AMTA and AHPA


Other Health Care businesses operating from In Focus healing and wellness clinic

At In Focus we offer the opportunity for health care practitioners to use In Focus facilities to run their own business.

Dr Visakha Lee (registered Chinese Medicine practitioner and pharmacist) – Sukhalaya

Bachelor of Pharmacy, M.App.Sci.(Chinese Herbal Medicine), M.App.Sci. with Distinction (Acupuncture)
Registered with AHPRA in Chinese Medicine. Member of FCMA

Visakha operates her business, Sukhalaya, from within In Focus healing and wellness clinic. Visakha is a practising, qualified pharmacist and Chinese medicine practitioner. She has a strong interest in both Western and Eastern medicine. Not only does this give her a wider understanding of a larger variety of treatments, but also choice and flexibility in her treatment plans.

With a strong background in pharmacy, (including previously running her own pharmacy for more than 10 years), Visakha has an advantage when treating patients who are on medication, have medical concerns or are currently undergoing other treatments. Thus, while her primary aim is to restore balance in the body using Chinese medicine theory, she can, however, incorporate both treatment styles to create a balanced treatment plan.

In addition, Visakha has a background in clinical aromatherapy and a diploma in beauty therapy.

For Visakha, patients always come first, however, teamwork between the consultant and patient is another key principle to achieving the most effective treatment. While her aim is to make sure patients leave feeling good and relaxed, she also however, strives to have them leave each appointment educated in their treatment plan.

Each of Visakha’s consultations are focused on collaboration between the consultant’s expertise and the patient’s feedback and observation of themselves. Creating this two-way exchange ensures patients are more compliant and understanding of the direction of their treatments. In addition, another goal of Visakha’s consultations is to encourage patients to show interest in their own treatment.

Doing so ensures long term success, as it promotes a deeper appreciation for Chinese medicine theory and treatment within the patient, and also educates them on additional tools they can use at home to enhance their own treatment between appointments.


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