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Pain is a sign that something in our lives needs to change.
Welcome to Autumn, where every leaf tells a story of renewal
Autumn encourages us to slow down, reflect, and seek balance.

Welcome to In Focus healing and wellness clinic

Welcome to In Focus, your premier partner for healing and wellness. Our philosophy is simple – by increasing awareness of life’s essential processes, we can experience life to the fullest. We know that navigating the complexities of modern living can be daunting and leave us feeling out of balance, stressed and disconnected. Chronic pain and prolonged feelings of stress due to the uncertainties we face can further dampen our spirits and lead to dis-ease and dis-harmony, making it challenging to see the choices available to us that enables our full potential. At In Focus, we listen to your unique needs and challenges, providing you with practical tools and knowledge to empower you to make informed choices that will promote harmony and ease in your life.

Our founder, Dr. George Dellas, a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, established In Focus in 1990 out of a deep commitment to assisting individuals like you in discovering the power of making empowered choices that promote harmony and ease in the face of stressors. George has been providing exceptional care for more than three decades and has developed an approach that guides you towards long-term self-empowerment. Whether you are seeking to address a specific health concern, or simply wish to cultivate a greater sense of wellness and vitality, we invite you to join us on this empowering journey. Let us help you discover the power of making choices that enable you to experience life to the fullest.

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Our view

We believe each of us has the innate capacity to improve our wellness and tap into our full potential. When we operate from a place of ease and balance, we find ourselves naturally more compassionate and connected to the joy of life. The good news is when we become aware of empowering choices and prioritise the prerequisites for our body, mind and the human spirit, building resilience and maintaining equilibrium become second nature.

At In Focus, we understand that various factors influence our health and personal growth. These factors include our current state of health, family and relationships, career and finances, food choices, and emotional well-being. We recognise that everyone’s journey is unique, which is why we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and adapt our approach accordingly. So, no matter where you are in your journey, In Focus is here to help orientate you towards achieving the best possible outcome.

Our approach

At In Focus, we understand that reaching and maintaining optimal health and well-being often requires reaching out for expert assistance. We recognise the struggles of battling chronic pain and stress, which is why we offer a customised 3-step process to ensure you get the personalised support you need – every step of the way!

STEP 1 – Your initial consultation will focus on assessing your current health issues and past health history by using our various assessment methods.

STEP 2 – Together we will address your immediate health concerns. Some methods George uses include but are not limited to…

  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • FlameTree: the personal development & healing system
  • George’s unique fusion of remedial and Chinese massage, acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, Reiki, and kinesiology techniques
  • Health promotion strategies

We work together to establish an approach that addresses and reviews your main complaint. From our experience, depending on your main health issue, you should start seeing changes within three treatments.

STEP 3 – Reorientate our current perceptions associated with disease and disharmony towards a state of ease and harmony. By doing this, we create the opportunity to regain our clarity of the boundless joy of life, which sustains long-term self-empowerment. Depending on your unique situation, it may take up to five sessions to assist you through the processes involved with becoming aware that enable you to make choices that orientate your actions towards the direction of being your best.

Why choose In Focus healing and wellness clinic?

  • For our experience (established in 1987, read more here)
  • For our depth of knowledge (refer below and read more here)
  • We listen and work with you to identify your priority health issues
  • We offer a wide variety of skills for you in one location (refer below)
  • We are inspired to work with you to create change in your life
  • We are registered with AHPRA under the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and are a Fellow ANTA and a Full Member of AACMA; AAMT and AHPA
  • We incorporate a variety of approaches for your healing and wellness plan, which may include:
    • traditional Chinese medicine
    • acupuncture
    • naturopathy
    • herbal and nutritional medicine
    • FlameTree: the personal development & healing system
    • frequency therapy using Healy and Guardian
    • establishing your food intake framework
    • relaxation techniques
    • cupping, gua sha (myofascial scraping), and remedial massage
    • biomesotherapy and dry needling
    • reiki
    • ‘essence acupuncture’ using the pro·m·emo Essences
    • universal emotional freedom technique (UEFT)
    • health promotion.

Begin your unique 3-step process today!

It’s time to prioritize your health and well-being, and we’re here to help you with each step! George’s extensive experience and diverse skillset provide the confidence that he can offer you tailored support that is unique to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with specific health concerns or simply seeking to reconnect with the boundless joy of life, George is just a phone call away. Begin your personalized 3-step process now, and start experiencing a holistic, empowering approach to wellness! So why wait? Let’s start this empowering journey by making an appointment today!

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