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Your unique In Focus personalised food intake wellness plan

Chapter 1 of one of the oldest surviving text books on traditional Chinese medicine, The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, clearly states that the ancient Chinese believed that foods are primary needs for all people. It highlights that if one pays sufficient attention to certain laws and methods associated with preserving health, selecting appropriate foods according to the body’s needs and your environment, then health and energetic vitality will be preserved and life span will be prolonged.

Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) has a clear understanding of these laws and methods. George is able to assist you in creating your personalised food intake wellness plan so that you too can be selecting foods to support your health and wellbeing, which traditional Chinese medicine refers to as you supporting your ‘Three Treasures’. For those of you unfamiliar with these treasures, they are your Jing, known as our ‘Life Force’; Qi (pronounced Chee), known as our ‘Vital Energy’ and Shen, known as our ‘Mind and Spirit’. Ensuring that you nurture your Life Force, Vital Energy and Mind and Spirit is essential for attaining and maintaining your health and energetic vitality.

This is what you will be doing when you book your consultation with George. In addition to George’s Chinese diet therapy skills, George will also incorporate his western clinical nutrition and naturopathy expertise to create your unique In Focus personalised food intake wellness plan.  Your personalised food intake wellness plan is one of the approaches that is associated with Step 3 of In Focus’s unique 3-step process designed to support you with achieving and maintaining your health goals. When George guides you through Steps 1 and 2 of the In Focus unique 3-step process, together you will be able to further individualise your wellness plan.

George’s expertise with Chinese diet therapy and western clinical nutrition were recognised by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where he was the co-ordinator and lecturer for the subject Chinese Dietary and Exercise Therapy for RMIT’s undergraduate program in Chinese Medicine from 2004 until 2010. RMIT University awarded George a certificate in recognition of his lecturing and contribution to Chinese medicine. In 2011, George resigned from this position at RMIT University to undertake a new direction in his career, to lecture in the bioenergetic healing system known as FlameTree: the personal development and healing system.

FlameTree – the personal development and healing system

George’s inspiration and drive comes from an innate desire to find something safe, effective, sustainable, economical and easy to apply. This started an ongoing journey of self-discovery and since 1985 the completion of over 15 different qualifications! The unfolding of these qualifications was not ‘planned’ as such, but they all did share a common theme, they directed him to discover FlameTree: the personal development and healing system in addition to establishing a diverse skill set along the way.

FlameTree is a state-of-the-art, bio-energetic, personal development and healing system created by an Australian of the year nominee, Rhett Ogston (Degrees in Science, Human Biology, and Chinese Medicine). Dr Rhett Ogston (Chinese Medicine) has created an architectural, multi-dimensional, fractal masterpiece in FlameTree, which has no boundaries and is limitless in its application and yet its design is simple and easy to follow. It is the only system created in the world that immediately seeks to include all modalities and everything that currently exists and has the ability to seamlessly integrate any new modality or technology that arises.

Following Dr Rhett Ogston’s (Chinese Medicine) hypothesis that by creating a healthy environment around an individual in the form of a ‘healthy bio-field’ creates the possibility for a healthy individual FlameTree therefore has the potential to restore your ability to innately heal by assisting your body to create a ‘healthy bio-field’. By doing so, you have the potential to access your limitless potential to become your optimum self and live a life of purpose filled with health, vitality and inspiration.

FlameTree has the potential to achieve this by integrating the strengths of quantum physics, science, human biology, Western medical expertise, spiritual principles, yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, philosophy and understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, Ayurvedic medicine, consciousness, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), BodyTalk, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and life coaching to name a few.

Please call the clinic to reserve your FlameTree healing session with George. For more information in learning more about FlameTree and or to become certified FlameTree healer please visit


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and The Three Treasures

With a rich history of practice for over 2500 years, TCM views the human body as an organic whole with the acknowledgement of a strong connection between the body, mind and spirit, which integrates with the natural environment as one.

Practitioners of TCM have always considered that well-being and vitality are influenced through the ability to nurture, what is known in TCM terms, as our ‘Three Treasures’, which everyone possesses. This includes our Jing, known as our ‘Life Force’; Qi (pronounced Chee), known as our ‘Vital Energy’ and Shen, known as our ‘Mind and Spirit’. It stands to reason why these great TCM practitioners of early years advocated ‘prevention as being better than cure’ and focused their treatments on supporting the body’s ‘Three Treasures’ for any disruption to these ‘Treasures’ results in disharmony and ‘dis-ease’ states.

Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) recognizes the importance of following on with this tradition, as all too often the demands and stresses of life distract us from keeping in touch with nature, leaving little time for us to nurture our ‘Three Treasures’, thereby creating the pathway to disharmony. In using both TCM assessment methods and FlameTree, we aim to guide you in establishing a wellbeing plan that focuses on supporting and nurturing your ‘Three Treasures’ in addition to addressing your specific health conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is based on TCM principles and theories. Chinese herbs are prescribed to both support your ‘Three Treasures’ and to treat specific dis-ease states. The appropriate herbs are selected once the TCM diagnosis is established. Traditionally herbs were prepared by boiling them for up to 1 hour, making what is known as a ‘herbal decoction’. Although this is still practiced, Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) has found that the hectic pace of modern life does not always provide the time to prepare herbs in this way. In order to save time, he prescribes granulated herbal extracts which are easily prepared by adding boiling water to them without compromising on quality and effect.

In addition, he also prescribes a range of Chinese herbal pills, tablets and capsules to accommodate those who are challenged by the unique taste of herbal liquid preparations. However, in using our foundational system, FlameTree, Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) has observed that he does not need to prescribe as many herbs formulae as he did prior to using FlameTree. We agree, this is an amazing outcome from using FlameTree!


This is a TCM technique used to support the ‘Three Treasures’ and treat specific conditions. Based on your presenting symptoms, very fine needles are inserted into carefully selected acupoints which are found along the various Meridians in the body.

The great TCM practitioners of the past recognized that it is by virtue of the Meridian System that human life exists. They viewed this system as acting as a pathway for the vital substances of life, that is, Qi and Blood, to circulate throughout every part of the human body, in addition to acting as a means of communication between every cell and body systems.

This ancient art is skillfully applied by Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) to assist you with various issues ranging from supporting your ‘Three Treasures’ to addressing various pain conditions and certain ‘dis-ease’ states as supported by the World Health Organization (for more reading go to page 12 of the following PDF file
Furthermore, for the treatment of pain conditions, George can offer you electro-acupuncture. This is used to further enhance your body’s own pain relieving chemicals, i.e. endorphins. This method involves passing a low current of electricity through two needles. The comforting sensation generated by this technique effectively reduces pain.

In using both TCM assessment methods and FlameTree we have found that most people have an improved response to acupuncture.

Abdominal Acupuncture

Like acupuncture, very fine needles are used; however, they are only inserted into the abdominal area with minimal needle stimulation. This technique is based on the theory that the precise needling of certain areas of the abdomen has direct associations with other body parts and internal organs. The gentle needling method used for this system has the ability to adjust the Qi and Blood flow within the body’s Meridian System. This in turn has an impact on improving internal organ function thereby supporting the ‘Three Treasures’ in addition to being used for reducing pain. Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) is one of the very few TCM practitioners in Australia to have gained formal training in this technique from Nanjing, China.

Laser Acupuncture

If you are needle shy, then laser acupuncture is an option. Unlike acupuncture, a low powered Laser unit is used to stimulate selected acupoints to assist in addressing your presenting complaint

George’s Unique Physical Therapy Integration

This is based on Dr George Dellas’s (Chinese Medicine) 25 plus years of experience in working with various physical therapies such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, superficial dry needling, acupuncture, Bowen technique, Oriental massage, Tui Na, traditional Chinese massage, relaxation massage, Functional Facial Taping (FFT®), Reiki, cupping and Gua Sha. Together with the use of FlameTree, George has developed a unique treatment approach that addresses muscle and joint pain, stiffness and tension.

Cupping (Ba Huo Guan) and Gua Sha (Myofascial Scraping)

Cupping is a TCM technique whereby suction or a drawing action (Ba) is created over an area of the body by using fire (Huo) and special kind of cups or jars (Guan). The term ‘cupping’ appeared during the Jin Dynasty, around 281 AD and has been used traditionally for various conditions, particularly those associated with muscle pain and for the beginnings of a cold. As suction is generated with cupping, a skin discoloration may occur. This usually lasts 24 hours. However, in some instances, they can last up to one week or more. This is a normal outcome when using cupping and is interpreted as a positive sign that improvement in muscle, fascia and connective tissue is occurring.

Gua Sha, also referred to as ‘scraping technique’ or ‘spooning’, also originated in China during ancient times. Initially, there was no systematic theoretical foundation in applying Gua Sha, however, as TCM developed so too did the application of this ancient technique. Like cupping, a skin discoloration can occur after applying Gua Sha, however, it is generated through the action of scraping the skin with a special Gua Sha tool. This technique is used to reduce pain in addition to being able to invigorate the circulation within the Meridian System.

Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) ensures that you are aware of all the possible outcomes when using either cupping or Gua Sha and his expertise with these techniques goes beyond the clinic to training other therapists in applying these ancient methods within their own clinics.

Naturopathy or ‘Nature Cure’

The philosophical foundation of naturopathy dates back thousands of years drawing on the healing wisdom of various countries, particularly Greece and the Hippocratic teachings. Naturopathy is based on a system of medicine that advocates prevention and the use of ‘non-toxic natural therapies’ to address disease states being guided by seven general principles;

1. First, do no harm
2. Natural has healing powers
3. Identify and treat the cause
4. Treat the whole person
5. The physician as a teacher
6. Prevention is better than cure
7. Establish health and wellness

Each of these seven principles is also reflected in the practice of FlameTree. Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) combines his naturopathic assessment skills with TCM and FlameTree to offer you a truly wholistic approach to managing your health and wellbeing. In addition to lifestyle, diet and exercise recommendations, naturopathy uses various therapies to promote health and treat dis-ease states. These include western herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, homotoxicology, Bach flowers, counselling and physical therapies.

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT)

UEFT is the brain child of the founder of FlameTree, Dr Rhett Ogston (Chinese medicine) who holds degrees in Science, Human Biology, and Chinese Medicine and was a project that I was fortunate enough to be consulted on and provided input to the technique, as a doctor of Chinese medicine and an advanced EFT practitioner. UEFT is a major improvement on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because EFT uses acupoints and meridian theory from Chinese medicine from the understanding of an engineer. As a doctor of Chinese medicine it makes sense that Rhett would have a deeper understanding of acupoints and meridian theory than someone with no training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), like the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, who is an engineer.

It seems history may be repeating itself with Rhett evolving EFT into UEFT because Gary Craig developed EFT from TFT (Thought Field Therapy) developed by psychologist Roger Callahan. EFT is based on the discovery statement: “The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system” (Gary Craig – EFT). UEFT also has a discovery statement; however it is a much more robust statement that reflects that emotions are not negative. UEFT has evolved even further with the understanding that dis-ease is not caused by emotions but rather “dis-ease arises when emotions become blocked and cause an energy disruption in the body” [Dr Rhett Ogston (Chinese Medicine) – UEFT].

This idea parallels that of TCM in that it has long been acknowledged in TCM theory that the disruption in the body’s Qi (pronounced Chee) and Blood flow results in disharmony. This disharmony is not only limited to emotional sphere, but also encompasses normal physiological functioning.  Another quantum leap made by UEFT is the understanding that follows the most important rule in healing – ‘do no harm’. UEFT accomplishes this by eliminating tapping. Why? Tapping may cause an unnecessary negative outcome which can be explained by principles of physics. The best place to learn more about this explanation is at Knowing this explanation, UEFT therefore avoids tapping and instead involves applying light touch to only three acupuncture points, which have been specifically chosen because they impact the entire meridian system, something that EFT cannot do.

UEFT is the natural evolution of EFT and is a significant advancement in the theories and understanding from Chinese medicine and emotional health. I have been using UEFT personally and for my clients and achieving fantastic clinical outcomes. UEFT could be considered to be the master key that unlocks any ‘locked up’ emotional issue and allows the user to address their emotional health concerns. You do not have to be a healthcare or EFT practitioner to learn how to use UEFT on yourself and as such it has been made available to everyone online.

UEFT uses 12 simple steps which, when learnt, may set you emotionally free. You can conveniently learn UEFT online today. UEFT empowers you to regain control over your emotions and may reduce the need for you to see me. Once learnt, you can immediately begin managing your emotions and heal unresolved emotional issues naturally. You will have UEFT as a skill for life.

You can purchase UEFT through Once paid for, you will receive the UEFT online video course, UEFT procedure (A3) Wall chart and the UEFT instruction manual from Qi Health Clinic Pty Ltd, the founders of UEFT.

By using the above link to purchase UEFT (this is my reference code), I will personally answer any questions you have as you go through your UEFT online workshop.

The lifetime results you can achieve from using UEFT are priceless!

Western Herbal Medicine

Western herbal medicine is both a stand-alone practice, however, its more commonly incorporated under the practice of naturopathy. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes since prehistoric times by communities worldwide. With modern technology and pharmacology testing allows herbs to be prescribed based on both their pharmacological actions as well as their historical use. In using both naturopathy assessment methods and FlameTree, we aim to guide you in establishing a wellbeing plan that may incorporate western herbs in supporting and nurturing your health and wellbeing.

Clinical Nutrition

Hippocrates has been associated with stating; ‘Let food be my medicine and medicine by my food’. The concept of using foods as medicines is obviously not new. A growing body of scientific knowledge supports the use of whole foods, as well as specific nutritional supplementation, in the treatment of specific dis-ease states and maintenance of wellbeing. For example, humble oat bran and oat-based cereals have been supported by scientific studies to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure within 5 to 6 weeks (Braun L. & Cohen M. Herbs & Natural Supplements – An evidence-based guide 2nd Ed., 2007, Elsevier, Australia).

In using naturopath and TCM assessment methods with FlameTree, we aim to guide you in establishing a wellbeing plan that may incorporate clinical nutrition in supporting and nurturing your health and wellbeing.


Homotoxicology is a modern advancement in the application of classical homeopathy in the field of biological medicine. It is considered that any noxious influence disturbing the dynamic flow balance of health is defined as a ‘toxin’ or ‘homotoxin’ (meaning toxic to humans). ‘Homotoxins’ may be generated from normal metabolic products that have not been eliminated efficiently from the body or the body is exposed to some form of environmental contaminant, infectious agent and so on. Nonetheless, once the body encounters a ‘homotoxin’, its innate reaction is to try and eliminate it if possible or adapt to this noxious stimulation if elimination cannot be effectively accomplished.

Homotoxicology interprets the signs and symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ states, such as inflammation, as the body’s attempts to eliminate or detoxify ‘homotoxins’ in order to heal itself. The suppression of this process, although brings about temporary relief, actually results in the accumulation of ‘homotoxins’ within the cell matrix and cellular-organ structures. The end consequence of this ‘homotoxin’ accumulation is the development of chronic degenerative disease states. Thus the application of homotoxicology is to support the body’s innate healing processes of eliminating ‘homotoxins’ in order to prevent chronic degenerative disease states.
Using FlameTree and our various assessment tools we aim to guide you in establishing a wellbeing plan that may incorporate homotoxicology principles to maintain efficient cell matrix elimination and assist in improving overall health and wellbeing.

Functional Facial Taping (FFT®)

FFT® is a fast and effect way to reduce muscle pain and improve range of motion, offering a drug free alternative to pain modulation. It involves using the concept of ‘digital distraction’ prior to applying tape, by using the ‘gathering’ technique, to a specific body part associated with muscle pain. It’s amazing how instant the analgesic effect can be. Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) is an accredited FFT® practitioner by Ron Alexander, the founder of this innovative technique.

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