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According to Chinese medicine, Winter time is season where the emotion of fear can predominate. It is believed that Winter correlates to the Water element, and that the emotion of fear relates to the this element. If fear distracts you from living your life of purpose, then this may get worse during Winter! A possible solution is Pro·m·emo which stand for Process my emotions.  Pro·m·emo elixirs are drop dose elixirs which may assist with processing your emotions when experiencing emotional disharmony, such as fear. The Pro·m·emo elixir of choice here is Love which may be used not only during Winter time but may assist with processing feelings of fear in any season. Call the clinic on 9525 3569 or email Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine) to find out more about the Pro·m·emo elixir Love.

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Winter Special on  Pro·m·emo elixirs.

The promemo elixirs for emotional health and treating stress

Purchase a set of Pro·m·emo elixirs (6 elixirs) and receive a 10% discount. RRP is $101.70 (incl tax); Autumn special when you mention this Watch This Space promotion is $89.70

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